Battening Down the Borders

The UK Government phoned me last night. They are getting that desperate. The Brexit negotiations are well past being called a “shambles”. It’s a constitutional crisis of a kind that the UK hasn’t seen in decades – perhaps ever. The government is simply not equipped to deal with this kind of thing. Iain M Banks coined a term for this. An “Outside Context” problem. An event where nothing in the subject’s frame of reference or prior experience can possibly lead them to a solution. Banks described this kind of problem as one that civilizations encounter only once and in the same way that a sentence encounters a full stop.


But there is a solution to the Outside Context problem and that’s to expand one’s context. To find someone from outside one’s one cognitive bubble who can see the problem in a different light.

And so the UK Government phoned me. I don’t know if I was first on the list, or last, or anywhere in between. I don’t suppose it really matters.

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A Silver Chain

“Whilst the purpose of this report is to specifically critique the report produced by the Growth Commission it is done so in the spirit of the principle laid out by the First Minister on the latter’s publication. If the Growth Commission report was produced to be discussed, then this report seeks to add to that discussion”

My latest report for Common Weal was been published this week. A Silver Chain takes an in-depth look at the monetary policy proposals suggested by the Sustainable Growth Commission.

Those proposals were for an independent Scotland to unofficially keep using the pound sterling – outside of currency union like the one proposed in 2014 – for a period of time until Scotland’s economy is deemed ready for the launch of its own independent currency by the means of meeting “six tests” covering areas such as deficit, foreign reserves and economic need. Our report suggests that the plan proposed, especially alongside the “six tests” will make it difficult, if not impossible, to launch an independent currency and that the proposals risk locking Scotland into a future of permanent Austerity not dissimilar to that experienced by some areas of the Eurozone.

The report can be read here or by clicking the image below.

Silver Chain Cover

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