Tread A Common Path

We’re not independent today because too many people had too many unanswered questions. Let’s not make that mistake again

This is a personal appeal. Now that it’s confirmed that the new independence campaign will be kicking off and we’ll be having another referendum sometime in the next 18 to 24 months, we need to get cracking with our plans.

Last year I was fortunate enough to get involved with Common Weal and helped them write a paper on Scotland’s currency options. This sparked the inspiration to start the White Paper Project. Our plan for the essential institutions that an independent Scotland would need to become a viable, independent country. It aims to provide all of the answers that you need to take on the questions that you are hearing from the doorsteps, from your friends and from your family.

Now we need your help. We want to raise £25,000 so that we can fund the time, the resources and the people we need to complete the White Paper before the next referendum.
(And yes…this includes feeding a certain laser physicist who’s been writing a good chunk of the work.)

 We’ve already published Version 1.0 of the White Paper and a library of research underpinning its claims. So far we’ve published papers on currency options; how to launch our own £Scot; options for debt and asset negotiations; projections of Scotland’s finances which goes Beyond GERS; principles for border and customs control; the demographics of the independence campaign; a proposal for a national investment bank and a proposal for a Citizens’ Assembly to replace the House of Lords.

To add to this we want to produce papers on reform of social security, how to manage our energy grid in a way which benefits a 21st century country, how to manage our government IT systems in a modern, streamlined manner, what Scotland’s defence sector could look like and quite a bit more.

We’re also dedicated to getting out to the campaign groups to present our information to you and our presentations so far have always been met with the highest praise and enthusiasm.

We want to provide the answers you need to help us win our independence. If you’d like to help us do that then please consider a donation if you can, either a one off or a recurring monthly payment. If you can’t then please share this around.

Thank you.


5 thoughts on “Tread A Common Path

  1. I am unutterably depressed by this approach. Many people who voted NO are not interested in the answer to questions – they just need a question which which will justify them – give them a ‘respectable’ reason, to say that we should not control our own affairs.

    Doing this repeats the biggest mistake of the last referendum, whereby we were continually answering questions instead of asking them. We even produced leaflets that asked, then answered, questions – some of which would only make a potential NO voter think, oh there’s a reason for voting NO I hadn’t even thought of.

    We should be researching the NO side, and asking questions of them. We need to fight on our ground, not theirs.

    I am pleased that there are people, with sufficient expertise, thinking about the details concerning currency, tax systems, defence etc, because we will need that knowledge, when we have voted YES, to negotiate our independence and hit the ground running when we finally take up our position as an independent country in the the world of United Nations. But that’s for then, not now.


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