Lying Track

Ian Murray, Scotland’s sole Labour MP, lied to the people of Scotland today.

This morning, 14th September 2015, he was interviewed on BBC Radio Scotland’s Good Morning Scotland primarily on the extent of his agreement with his party’s political realignment in the wake of their most recent leadership changeover.

In one segment he makes the statement that the Scottish Government appeared to favour awarding the Scotrail contract to the Dutch Government owned Abelio rather than renationalising Scotland’s railways.

The relevant comment beings at 5.50.

He appears to forget that under the Railways Act 1993 enacted by the Tories and never repealed under Labour, the Scottish Government is currently barred from either renationalising the railways or forming a company in which they own a controlling stake to bid for contracts and tenders.

Indeed, under this bill any government on the planet could potentially own and operate our railways except our own.

I’m sure that rather than this being a lie, personal or political, today’s comment¬†was merely a slip of the mind and that Mr Murray will be submitting a bill to repeal this clause in the near future.

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