Poll: Scottish Independence and the EU


I’d like to run another informal poll. This time looking at attitudes towards independence in the light of the EU situation. Whilst all views are welcome I’m particularly interested in hearing from the segment of the voting population who are for Scotland’s independence from the UK but are skeptical of or outright against Scotland’s membership of the EU.

If, as appears highly likely, we are presented with an independence referendum predicated on EU membership, which way would you vote?

Please feel more than free to use the comments to expand on your thoughts. Incidentally, if you are someone who previously voted or were minded to vote No in 2014 but have since changed your mind to Yes, I’d also love to hear your views.

As previously, if this is your first time commenting on this blog or if you include more than a couple of external links in your comment it is likely that you’ll land in the moderation queue. I’ll try and approve things as quickly as I can.


9 thoughts on “Poll: Scottish Independence and the EU

  1. We need to use the circumstances and the position we are in, to Scotland’s maximum benefit, which at the moment I see as achieving our independence within the EU. Once this is successful, there will be plenty of time to decide whether we want to remain in the EU and also whether we would want to keep the monarchy. Focus first on independence.


  2. Independence first, then if there’s demand for an EU membership review perhaps a referendum. Personally, I’d favour Scotland in the EU’s community of nations.

    But we’d need a big constitutional review when we get Indy, covering a range of things like Monarchy (I’d prefer nominal elected Head of State, could live with ‘Monarchy-lite’) and constitutional establishment of NHS, worker’s rights, benefits/UBI, nationalised utilities and transport. And currency, of course.


  3. Scotland can easily be independent from the rest of the uk,but the reasons I voted to leave the e.u ,for one fishing rights, scotlands waters are her own and should be used for scotlands benefit not divided for others to plunder,free movement has decimated the construction industries wages and conditions im a joiner and have saw this first hand how bad it has become,unelected e.u presidents having the power to create and implement laws that I has to abide by even though I dont know who they are…..etc


  4. I voted for an Independent Scotland within the EU. I do have fears with the EU, it clearly needs reforming in terms of national sovereignty over economic policy and the capping of deficits and surplus is clearly not working as many are missing their targets and the threat of financial punishment, whilst not being applied in practice, is still excessive in my opinion. The treatment of Greece has been particularly worrying.

    With that in mind, I feel it would be important for a newly independent Scotland to maintain as much control as possible at Holyrood. That means having our own currency as a fundamental and our own Central Bank as lender of last resort. How that will work in real world of negotiations I don’t know, but I would not be keen to jump straight into the euro and rely on the ECB. Mind you, our only other option for borrowing would be the IMF, who I really do not trust.

    I think the important thing to stress is that in my opinion, the UK had the sweet spot – we had our own currency, central bank and many valuable opt-outs that kept a good degree of control in the UK. That has now gone and it would be futile to think we could get the same deal. Likewise, the new Brexit deal that Westminster negotiates is going to be absolutely dreadful, and it’s vital to stress that at all times.


  5. I am personally agnostic on EU vs EFTA. But only the former will bring enough 2014 No voters across to Independence. And the EU offers a huge opportunity to attract businesses to Scotland, with all the positive implications that holds for tax revenues.

    Therefore Independence in the EU is the most attractive choice.

    The Scottish Government could easily deal with the fishing issues. Outlawing the use of slave labour on ‘seamen’s’ visas would be a start. Controls on the sale of quota, or requiring Scottish registered vessels to land catches in Scotland should be considered.


  6. Independence first – anything is then possible. Without it – nothing is possible.

    I’d prefer in EU with no monarchy, but I’ll take independence as a “Dominion” outwith the EU but independent like Canada was.


  7. I am all for Scotland being part of the EU. There are many changes needed in the EU but fundamentally it is an association of sovereign states and I don’t see it changing any time soon to become more federal.
    I also strongly support a change to an elected head of state when the Queen departs her mortal coil.


  8. I think that regardless of which currency choice we make, our fate will to a great degree be governed by how our financial industry is regulated.

    There is no way that we should permit any market to be manipulated in the way they have been in London.


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