Poll: Scottish Independence and the EU


I’d like to run another informal poll. This time looking at attitudes towards independence in the light of the EU situation. Whilst all views are welcome I’m particularly interested in hearing from the segment of the voting population who are for Scotland’s independence from the UK but are skeptical of or outright against Scotland’s membership of the EU.

If, as appears highly likely, we are presented with an independence referendum predicated on EU membership, which way would you vote?

Please feel more than free to use the comments to expand on your thoughts. Incidentally, if you are someone who previously voted or were minded to vote No in 2014 but have since changed your mind to Yes, I’d also love to hear your views.

As previously, if this is your first time commenting on this blog or if you include more than a couple of external links in your comment it is likely that you’ll land in the moderation queue. I’ll try and approve things as quickly as I can.