How To Vote in SP16: A Quick Guide

The Scottish elections for the fifth session since the Restoration of Parliament are almost upon us. Fun Fact: Due to the voting age being lowered to 16, this will be the first election to include voters born AFTER the start of the first session in 1999.

The following is a quick guide on how to cast your vote (especially if it’s your first time):

You will receive two ballot papers somewhat like these fictional examples:


On the PURPLE Constituency paper, you will see a list of PEOPLE who are competing to represent your constituency. They may or may not be a member of a party and will indicate thus under their name. Place an X in the box next to the person you think will best represent your constituency. (If they are a member of a party, this may or may not inform your choice)

On the PEACH Regional paper, you will see a list of PARTIES competing to gain the most seats in Parliament. The Parties may have a final advertising pitch or by-line such as “Nicola Sturgeon for First Minister” or somesuch under their name.
Place an X in the box next to the party whose policies most appeal to you and that you would like to see have more seats in Parliament.

Do not place any other markings, writing etc on either ballot as this may void that vote.

Then follow instructions in your polling place telling you in which box to place each paper.

More details on how your votes are counted as well as some myths and common misconceptions can be read here:



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